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Somerik Realty is a Full Service Veteran Owned Real Estate Brokerage that performs standard practice real estate transactions but specializes in helping homeowners during those difficult times in life that arise. We help Buyers find their dream homes, Sellers achieve the most for their homes, but we've also developed creative ways to help homeowners get out of those times that we all hope we never have to encounter. We approach this in an education based model where we get you the answers you deserve.

Here are some of the issues Somerik Realty & it's affiliates HELP homeowners understand & navigate:

Stopping Foreclosure

Working through Short-Sale

Overcoming Back Taxes

Navigating Probate

Selling property in Divorce

Understanding Bankruptcy 

Value of outdated homes

Just need to sell quickly

Mortgage payment assistance & alternatives

Creative ways to sell your home when small updates are needed


Somerik Realty is a full service licensed brokerage that helps buyers and sellers in traditional real estate but also has a focus in dealing with distressed situations. Our agents our trained in the different ways to stop foreclosure, navigate short sale, work through probate issues, overcome tax issues and any other matter that is not typical of your everyday transaction.
We understand first hand how difficult and stressful a real estate transaction can be, especially during a hardship. Our team has established solutions to any problem, big or small, and gives options to homeowners at NO cost.

Our team has backgrounds in finance, mortgage, real estate, banking, construction, and cost analysis.  We are a team of problem solvers that work in a creative environment with the tools and resources that give us the ability to find the solutions you need. Our affiliates are comprised of a title company, attorneys, brokers, investors and real estate experts in all fields. You can rest assured that we will strive to accomplish whatever your goal may be.


Seeking Advice
Whether your finding that life's ups and downs have caused a circumstance that you need to move past or you're in a situation that you just need advice on how to move forward, we understand the emotional hardship that comes along with the decisions that need to be made during a time of stress. Even though you may feel like you're in a corner, there are always alternatives and our job is to help you understand all of them so you can make the best decision in your current situation. Our professionals will be thorough in explaining how we can help you, as well as explaining the timelines involved. We will lay out all the options and help you understand which one best fits your circumstances. The first step is filling out our contact form so that one of our associates can reach out to you and establish a time to discuss your options.

Interested in a Cash Offer from us?
We can purchase your home in as little as 5 days 100% hassle free. Unlike other companies we take the face to face approach with our clients. We don't use algorithms or unreliable formulas to assess your property because they're inaccurate and can cut you short on the cash offer that is presented. We come directly to your house, assess your property top to bottom, and utilize up to date construction and real estate software to include the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). We inspect your property and utilize real cost assessment for damages just as an adjuster or inspector would. By performing these actions we establish the highest cash offer based off real tangible information. This allows us to immediately establish the true value of your home and prevents any type of back and forth in pricing or additional paperwork. Our goal is to make the transaction smooth and that's exactly what you'll receive. Please fill out our contact form and reply "Cash Offer" so that one of our associates can reach out to you and understand your specific situation.

If there is a real estate situation that you are encountering, our professionals get you answers. If you would like more information, we can set up a free one on one consultation to better understand your needs and get you the answers you deserve. Please call (844)766-3745 or email: info@somerikrealty.com


We look forward to helping you!!!

Somerik Realty is a full service licensed real estate brokerage but is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Somerik Realty works with affiliates in all fields to include legal counsel that will guide you in the right direction but Somerik Realty itself should not be viewed as legal counsel.

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